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Opening time:Camaïeu Shopping Centre Carrefour Cité Europe
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CAMAIEU designs outfits for every women according to what they want at the time

The CAMAIEU store, since its creation in 1984, has been able to become essential in terms of off-the-peg women’s fashion. With hundreds of stores in France as well as abroad, the brand is now a reference point. The CAMAIEU store in the Cité Europe shopping centre offers you enjoyment from its tops, blouses, skirts, jackets and coats, as well as fashion accessories.

CAMAIEU – Cité Europe Shopping Centre: clothes designed with you in mind

CAMAIEU in the Cité Europe shopping centre opens its doors from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00. Enjoy our various models, our love of fashion, as well as the quality of our outfits that we present to you. At any time, don’t hesitate to ask us for information regarding a size or a colour.