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Opening time:Faims de Journée Shopping Centre Carrefour Cité Europe
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The “Faims de Journée” team offers you several low cost deals. To start the day properly, a “breakfast” deal is offered with a hot drink or an orange juice and a pastry and for a midday meal: A “deal of the week” with a sandwich or a panini of the day, a drink and a dessert is offered to you. An “express deal” with a sandwich or panini of your choice + a drink A “gourmet deal” with a dessert too. A “salad deal” A “little ones deal” And for the little afternoon snack a “snack deal” with a chilled drink and a pastry. The Faims de Journée team is delighted to welcome you from Monday to Saturday, from 09:00 to 19:30. See you soon!