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KIKO is the Italian brand of professional cosmetic products which offers a cutting-edge make-up, face and body care range. Its safe and efficient products are of the highest quality and aim to satisfy women’s beauty needs at all ages. KIKO sums up its vision for beauty in one phrase: “Be what you want”. Thanks to its surprisingly extensive and varied range, KIKO lets everyone express their own personality with the help of its bespoke products. It offers a range of colours, effects and sensations which are unique on the market and which suit your style, your hue, your skin type and your personal needs, at all the stages of your life. The KIKO identity is rooted in the “Made in Italy” values and in the country which is the centre of fashion, art and design. Research is carried out on two fronts: textures and original colours on the one hand and quality deals with guaranteed results on the other, to end up with a perfect fusion between quality and creativity. The results of cutting-edge scientific discoveries and the latest fashion trends, KIKO is constantly being updated with products that are always new and closer to various beauty ideas.